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10/13/14: CONSULTANT

  • Suny Downstate
  • George Washington Bus Terminal (Manhattan Bridge)


05/12/14: CONSULTANT

  • BJ’s Wholesale Store – Riverside Crossing
    • Structural Steel Erection Services
    • Miscellaneous Steel Installation
    • Precast Connections and supports
  • North Building – Riverside Crossing
  • Marriott Marque – NYC
  • Wards Island Sewer Treatment Plant – Long Island

Recent Projects

  • Columbia University-Manhattanville Jerome Green Science Building, Manhattanville, NY
    • 496,000 sq. ft. Metal deck installation.
    • 170,000 shear stud installation.
  • NYCTA Column Repairs, Manhattanville, NY
    • Rehabilitation or train line, column repairs and jacking of structure.
  • Ferry Point Golf Course, Edgewater Park, NY
    • Erection of 30,000 sq. ft. pre-engineered building


  • Roosevelt Field Mall, Garden City, NY
    • Installation of structural steel and metal deck.
  • Vaughn College, Flushing, NY
    • Fabrication of structural and miscellaneous steel
    • Erection of addition structure connecting to existing building
    • Installation of metal stair, ladders and railings
    • Installation of metal deck
    • Installation of shear studs
  • NYPD College Point Police Academy, Queens, NY
    • Structural steel services
    • Structural steel repairs


  • MTA 7 Stations Rehabilitation of the D Line in Brooklyn
    • Structural steel field verification for multiple repairs
  • JFK Delta Terminal 4 Headhouse, JFK Airport
    • Metal deck installation
    • Shear stud installation
    • Structural steel repairs
  • Barclay’s Arena, Brooklyn, NY
    • Metal deck installation
  • Public Service (911) Answering Center II, Bronx, NY
    • Metal deck installation
    • Shear stud installation
    • Safety post/cables installation
    • Metal stairs installation
    • Structural steel repairs

2009-2010 Solera/DCM Erectors @ WORLD TRADE CENTER, HUB

  • WTC Hub Path Hall Roof.
    • WTC Precast Tub Erection & Installation
    • WTC HUB Grating System.
    • WTC Hub Concrete footings.
    • WTC Hub Underpinning.
    • WTC Hub Vierendiel Shoring System.
    • WTC Hub East Box Girder Shoring.
    • WTC Hub Spot Network Precast Planks and Tubs Erection.
    • WTC Hub Permanent and Temporary Metal Deck Installation.
    • WTC Hub Ribs and Hangers shoring.
    • WTC Hub Path Hall Roof Demolition.
    • WTC 911 Memorial.   

Coordinated work with DCM Erectors, ADF Steel, Owen Steel, Niagara Structural, MRP Shop, Wheeling Corrugating, Harris Structural, Sen Consulting, Five Star Electric, Lanmark Group,

Phoenix, Skanska, Demand Electric, Navillus, Hardesty & Hanover Engineers, Halcrow Yoles engineers, T Moriarty & Sons, JH Reid, GLS Surveying, HRAD Labor, Total Safety, Weinstock Brothers, Lindapters USA, Jersey Precast, PB-URS, TTJV, Yonkers, etc…


2008-2010 Tyrek Heights Erectors, Yonkers, N.Y.,


  • Hudson Valley Hospital.
    • 245 Park Ave MTA.
    • 44th Street Vent Plant MTA.
    • New Rochelle Water Treatment Plant DEP.
    • Midtown Community Court.


  • Consultant structural steel erector
    • Consultant miscellaneous steel erector
    • Consultant Precast Concrete Erector
    • Consultant project manager
    • Consultant steel superintendent
    • Consultant estimator

2009-2009 Risa Management Corp., Westbury, N.Y.,


  • Stony Brook Univeristy.
    • Myrtle & Wycoff MTA Rehabilitation work.
    • Governors Island High School.
    • Remsen Hall Queens College Roof Dunnage & Aluminum Rails.
    • Queens Gateway High School Stairs and Rails.
    • William Leyman Young Women’s Academy.
    • Columbia University Armand Hammer.
    • Medgar Evers High School.
    • Alba Marle MTA Rehabilitation.


  • Consultant structural steel erector
    • Consultant miscellaneous steel erector
    • Consultant Precast Concrete Planks
    • Consultant project manager
    • Consultant steel superintendent
    • Consultant estimator

2008-2009 Derek K. Miller Enterprises Company, West Islip NY,

  • Project manager

2006-2008 Francis A. Lee Company (FALC) Hicksville NY,


  • Siemens Duffy Ave Power Plant.
    • Siemens Sayerville Power plant
    • Ozanam Hall Nursing Home (11 stories High Rise)
    • JFK Terminal ONE Gates One, Seven & Nine.
    • Roslyn Bridge (For Long Island Railroad)
    • Hofstra University Pedestrian Bridge
    • Bayville Draw Bridge (Bascule Bridge)
    • New York Sports Club (Rehab Work) 100 Duffy Ave
    • Cedar Creek Sewer Treatment Plant
    • JFK Terminal 4 Gate 6 Access Arab Emirates
    • Verizon Storage Facility Manhattan NY
    • Viacom Dunnage System Hauppauge NY


  • Project manager
    • Project Management for structural steel fabrication and erection projects in New York, Surveys, Detailing, Direct oversight of manpower, scheduling coordination, Engineering, Estimating, Strategic Planning.

2003-2006 Judlau Contracting Inc., College Point, N.Y.

Steel Superintendent/Coordinator/Expeditor White Plains Road Rehabilitation, Boston-Westchester Line ($210 Million Dollar Contract)

NYCTA CM-43- Personnel included: Jacques Mayard, Gerald Adams, Carlos Delgado, George Krause & Robert Faiella.

Duties at Judlau:

  • Organize Drawings and release for fabrication and inspection.
  • Check contract requirements and give directives to detailer(s) to revise accordingly.
  • Perform field verification as needed before the release for fabrication, then direct detailer accordingly.
  • Verify all changes, and get direct approval from the T/A prior to release for fabrication.
  • Organize, print and distribute framing plans and shop drawings to the field for all field operations.
  • Directs all as-built conditions and changes to be incorporated on the drawings by the detailer.
  • Print copies of all updated drawings and transmit to the T/A directly.

Materials Procurement

  • All Drawings for job including the Y-1 Track.
  • Coordinate all deliveries for entire job including the Y-1 Track.
  • Ensure that fabricators meet schedules and deliveries.
  • Ensure that detailers expedite drawingsin order to meet schedules.
  • Receive all materials, and perform quality control (QA/QC) checks, and take appropriate remedial measures where necessary.
  • Locate alternatives for all repairs (A) Source (B) Similar unit.

Field Inspection/Measurement/Detailing

  • Verification surveys with the Transit Authority (T/A)
  • Type 5 Inspections with  the T/A
  • Column Base repairs: Inspect and detail all as built & field conditions for fabrication.
  • Identify change conditions and implement changes as per T/A directives.
  • Y-1 inspections and field conditions.
  • Yard Leads inspections and field conditions.
  • Gun Hill Building and elevations.
  • Mezzanine steel for all stations.
  • Canopy steel for all stations.
  • Cove repairs for all stations.
  • Line repairs for entire job.
  • Thru Span steel for all stations.
  • Upon discovery of a field condition, such as a “Misfit” -drive to destination of the problem and resolve problem on the spot. Establish reason for misfit and charge accordingly. Determine whether it is an as built condition, fabrication error or detailing error and record in main data base at the White Plains Office.
  • Approved Safety Supervisor by T/A. Watches over the job for safety and the installation of repairs.
  • Coordinated on the spot emergencies directly with the General foreman and the foreman as necessary.
  • Tracks repairs for work complete and work remaining to be done. (Provide data sheets to all Steel workers (General Foreman, Foremen etc.)
  • Make sketches of field conditions and transmit directly to detailer.
  • Familiarity with all repairs and contract requirements.
  • Familiarity with all work tools and equipment to get the job done.
  • Familiar with the men and the foremen with and good relations on the job.
  • Use foresight to look ahead, and discuss details with General Superintendent and upper management for corrective measures.

QA/QC Quailty Assurance/Quality Control For Steel

  • Inspect all repairs in progress at hold points.
  • Inspect all repairs after installation is complete, verifies that the work was done in compliance to the contract and Judlau’s high standard of workmanship and quality.
  • Coordinates with the T/A to get a final inspection on all repairs to closeout every repair, this final inspection makes the repairs 100% acceptable by T/A.
  • Setup working log of all open work, update and track work on a daily basis. This log is maintained updated on the Judlau network at White Plains.
  • Walk track and inspect stations with T/A at end G.O. for final closeout.

Precast Concrete Planks

  • Schedule all work for Ten (10) Stations from Bronx Park East to Nerid Ave
    • Coordinate and manage Fabrication and deliveries for all Ten Stations
    • Coordinate all hardware for all Ten Stations
    • Coordinate the Layout of Precast Units
    • Designed lifting apparatus to erect Precast Units
    • Sequences the Erection services in conjunction with Steel Erection
    • Provided erection procedure to all Precast work
    • Performed pre and final inspections with Owner representative for turn over

Steel Superintendent

  • Schedule all work from beginning to end of job
    • Order all tools, equipment and machinery including Cranes.
    • Delegate all relative work to General Foreman and individual Foremen.
    • Perform daily, weekly and monthly look ahead.
    • Supply Foremen with all relevant means and methods for individual repairs and all major work.
    • Check on status of work during course of day progress to plan next day look ahead.
    • Plan and coordinate sequencing of all steel work relevant to other trades.
    • Prepared all as built drawings three months prior to start of project.
    • Created database of all repairs for the entire project.
    • Performs field survey where repairs are required.
    • Created a system to manage all drawings and release for inspections electronically (The T/A inspection company decided to make this part of their inspection criteria) (UL-Rich Lap).
    • Engineered all mis-fabricated steel and decides the fix on the spot, submit to the T/A for an immediate approval which 99.9% of the time is a go. (Bobby Faiella)
    • Orders all steel for this project, receives and inspects for quality assurance.
    • Coordinated with all steel personnel safety, repairs and installation of all steel on this job.
    • As an approved Quality inspector, inspected all repairs after installation to ensure accuracy prior to final sign off by the Transit Authority.

1995-2003       Fabricator/Manager/Coordinator @ ADF Int. Inc.

Fabricated steel for jobs such as:

  • Universal Studios, Florida
  • Panthers Arena, Florida
  • EPA building, South Carolina
  • Bahamas Casinos, Bahamas
  • South Florida Community College
  • Ice Skating Arena, Coral Springs Fl.
  • Miami Airport, Florida
  • American Airlines Arena, Fl.
  • Animal Kingdom Orlando, Fl. .

Jobs Managed in New York:

  • JFK Airport Treminals 8 & 9 American Airlines
  • VRH Torcon-Mark Wiatrosky
  • Jamaica Station Air Train, Sordoni Skanska-Gregg Alessi
  • Jamaica Air train Bridge JFK, Sordoni Skanska-Gregg Alessi
  • White Hall Ferry Terminal and Staten Island Ferry Tishman Harris-Terrance
  • AOL Time Warner 59th Street, Bovis Lend Lease-Nathan Shapiro
  • Bloomberg Building Lexington Av, Bovis Lend Lease-Nathan Shapiro
  • 330 Jay Street US Family Court Jay Street, Turner Construction Joint (Owen Steel) Randi Wrechko
  • Brooklyn Courthouse Cadman Plaza, JA Jones-Michael Doring/Ken Hoey
  • Random House high rise 850 feet high. 56 & Broadway, Plaza Construction-Matthew DiGeorgi
  • New York Hall of Science Flushing, Bovis Lend Lease-James Dempsey

1998-2000       General Superintendent/Foreman @ Aurea Floors Inc.

Fabricated and Erection of Structural Steel & Precast Concrete Planks

  • Field Measured for Erection (RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS)
  • Coordinated deliveries to the job site
  • Managed all Labor for Erection services
  • Performed foreman services to erect all steel and pre cast

2000-2001       General Superintendent/Foreman @ American Floors Inc.

Fabricated and Erection of Structural Steel & Precast Concrete Planks

  • Field Measured for Erection (RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS)
  • Coordinated deliveries to the job site
  • Managed all Labor for Erection services
  • Performed foreman services to erect all steel and pre cast

1984-1995 A1 Pipe Fitter Journeyman @Damus LTD Trinidad West Indies

  • Worked at the Fertilizers of Trinidad & Tobago Urea/Ammonia Plant reconstructing and building new tanks, furnaces and buildings. Installing new pipe lines throughout the plant.

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